Molina Healthcare

The horror stories are endless...tell us yours.

"They prey on the poor..."

The Texas Department of Insurance has repeatedly accused Molina Healthcare of ripping off their nearly 400,000 Texas health insurance customers by cheating them on claims, even lying about the doctors and hospitals in their network.

With interest and penalties, Molina has already been ordered to pay back $8.8 million in less than six years.

In June of 2021, a Houston jury ordered Molina Healthcare to pay $19 million in damages after they were busted cheating emergency room doctors, paying them as little as $151 for the life-saving work they performed for stroke and heart attack victims, even innocent victims of crime.

And that’s just in Texas…

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Are you a patient who has been denied your claim for medical care? A doctor who has been underpaid by Molina for your work? A member of Molina insurance with a horror story to share?

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