Doctors and Patients

The numbers don’t lie — Molina is purposefully underpaying doctors and cheating their customers, yet they are still part of the Obamacare marketplace.


  • The average amount that Molina pays out to the emergency room doctors for their life-saving work is $151 (compared to normal average of $1050)
  • Molina pays providers the bottom 10th percentile of FAIR Health’s pricing index
  • In recent years, Molina has increased their premiums by an average of 58% while doctors got no raise
  • Doctors operate at a massive loss when working with Molina insurance — the health care system will collapse if companies like Molina continue their practices


The average Molina customer could be held liable for paying up to 43 percent of their income for health care costs. The bills shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore since the doctor you see is out of Molina’s network 91 percent of the time — breaching their flowery promises of access to doctors.

Claims are regularly denied or underpaid by Molina, leaving customers with massive bills that are difficult to appeal.

Most insurance customers don’t file formal complaints with their state insurance boards.

But you should.