Legal Troubles

In June, a Texas jury was so disgusted by Molina’s treatment of doctors that they punished the insurance firm with a $19 million verdict.

Across the country, there are allegations of “ghost networks”, doctors the insurance giant claims accept Molina insurance when they don’t.

Misleading patient directories, false billing for nursing home patient care and alleged overbilling for children’s mental health services plague Molina Healthcare.

The headlines speak for themselves…

The result has been repeated fines from state regulators…

But these fines are a drop in the bucket for this renegade insurance giant — a Fortune 500 company filling the pockets of their corporate executives and shareholders.

Molina Healthcare President and CEO Joseph Zubretsky made $19,961,698 in 2021

In 2021, the President and CEO of Molina Healthcare Joseph Zubretsky made nearly $20 million. Many of his customers are on Medicaid.

Despite the millions of dollars paid out in legal damages and government fines for underpaying doctors, inadequate patient networks, and countless other violations, Molina still has raised their premiums on average by more than 50% on their customers.

They are breaking the rules year after year and they haven’t learned a thing. That’s why we say beware Molina Healthcare.